Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Release Day Is Here

After many years aborning, White with Fish, Red with Murder was released Feb. 28, 2017 by Driven Press. White with Fish, Red with Murder is the story of Frank Swiver, a private eye in a love triangle. Frank accepts an invitation to a wine tasting on a private rail car, and brings along his secretary and lover, Vera Peregrino. The host, General Thursby, wants Frank to find proof that a friend whose death was ruled accidental was in fact murdered. Thursby suspects Cicilia O’Callaghan, widow of his late friend and an old flame of Frank’s. But Thursby takes two slugs through the pump, and the cops arrest Vera for his killing. Frank spends his nights with Cici, and his days trying to find Thursby’s real killer and spring Vera. But soon he realizes he must change, or risk losing both women . . . and maybe his life.
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Close writer friend Seth Harwood noticed that this blog was not very up-to-date—last post “Pearl’s Valley” was about six months ago. I know it’s a poor performance, but interestingly, I have been blogging. In fact I’ve been on a blog tour of sorts.

This post went live March 1 on Book Publishing Secrets:

Here’s a guest post I did for the inimitable SleuthSayers:

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