Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our long national agent search is over...

I "signed" with Julia Lord Literary Management.  I'm excited and Julia and agent Ginger Curwen sound excited too.  Ginger gave my manuscript, White with Fish, Red with Murder, a good read.  From talking to her, I feel as if she really understood what I was trying to do.  She seemed to catch all the obscure allusions and the spirit of fun.  Julia has great enthusiasm for the book, and I hope she's right because it sounds like she has higher hopes for it than I did.  She was knocked out of her W. 9th St. office by Hurricane Sandy, but called me from her temp. quarters in Western Mass. to offer representation.   
They're a great pair for me to be working with as a first time novelist.  Let's hope this is the beginning of a wonderful partnership. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

An interview w/Harley Mazuk (cont'd)

You're organizing a dinner party of writers and can invite three authors, dead or alive.  Who's coming?  

This is a tough one as so many of the authors I'd like to meet might not be good dinner guests.  They might create a scene, and not with their writing.  Hemingway might want to box three rounds.  Raymond Chandler might be too depressing, too intoxicated to converse with.  Dr. Hunter S. Thompson might be on drugs and carrying semi-automatic pistols.  I admire Albert Camus, but I don't speak French.  I'd love to meet some Russians, but I don't speak Russian either.
Dashiell Hammett might do.  He drank too much but I'd say he could hold it.  He could tell me how to create scenes and "stir things up."  Edgar Allan Poe because he's a true genius.  I just hope he wouldn't be too tough on my work.  And I think I'd like to meet Flannery O'Connor.  Perhaps we could talk about ideas and character.