Friday, March 31, 2017

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I have a lot of material out in the Blog-o-sphere to share with you. I’m still learning about this blog tour as I go, but it seems a number of sites have posted the interview I gave to the Dark Phantom Review:
Q: Congratulations on the release of your latest book, White with Fish, Red with Murder. To begin with, can you gives us a brief summary of what the story is about and what compelled you to write it?   
A: White with Fish, Red with Murder is the story of private eye…

Joseph Arellano, of Joseph’s Reviews gave me a very positive, generous review:
White with Fish, Red with Murder is a debut work by Harley Mazuk.  This is a mystery novel with some clever locations, quirky characters, and pitch perfect 1940s dialogue.  The narrator, Frank Swiver, is a private detective in San Francisco – circa 1948, who is eager for a paying client.  As luck would have it, Frank’s interest in wine is the ticket to a job!  Retired General Lloyd F. Thursby has planned an excursion on his private rail car with wine tasting as the entertainment.
Here's the rest of the review
A number of fine sites have pushed out an excerpt from the book. Here’s one:
A few lights were on in the lounge; I could see burgundy wallpaper with dark wood trim. To my right were two dining tables, each with four seats, and on the left an upright piano with a light oak finish. Beyond that, a group of folks sat in the far end of the car. I led Vera partway down, until the man facing us spoke.
“Ah, you must be Frank Swiver,” he said.

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