Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hildie Block Workshops

Writer friend Hildie Block has a new web site, officially opening Monday, March 25.  It’s a real sharp looking site, and she says she did it herself.  If you’re a writer (especially in the Washington, D.C. metro area) you should visit soon. 
One of the best things about a writing class from Hildie Block is that it comes with a lifetime personal service contract at no extra charge.  Anytime I have a question about agents, publishing or advancing my career, Hildie is always ready to respond with help.

A second thing, very important to a person of my sensibilities, is that Hildie is kind.  In this modern world, in the teaching and study of writing, I cannot overstate the importance of kindness.  A little bit makes a big difference.  Kindness helps Hildie make students into writers, and into friends.  

Finally, one of my big thrills about taking classes from Hildie was getting published.  I think it was the second prompt she put up in a class, “Ice.”  Just the one word.  I seized on it and wrote for 15 minutes.  I liked what I’d done and stuck with it.  And eventually, it became my second published short story (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2012). 

Be sure to visit: